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Over 20 years providing the industry's best auto window tint available. Superior tint and technology is important to our customers.

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Commercial offices and store front feature more glass than every before. No job is too big or too small for Dealer!

Window Tint Las Vegas

Residential Window Tinting

When it comes to your home, we have the industry's largest selection of residential film to ensure the right film for you.

Mobile Window Tinting

Serving all of Nevada, our top rated mobile auto service comes to you anytime, anywhere. Award Winning!
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Auto Glass Replacement Las Vegas - Convenience Matters!

We completely understand that your time is valuable - down to the last second. For this reason, we come to you anytime and anywhere - 7 days a week. We even take it a step further and nail down a specific time frame when scheduling an appointment. And, for additional convenience, on the morning of the appointment, our technicians will reach out to you so that we can give you an exact time of when they will be arriving. This is how important your time is to us!

Going to be in the Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas and will be needing your windshield repaired or replaced? If so, Dealer windshield replacement, Arizona! Traveling to Tucson, AZ and need your assistance? You will be in good hands when visiting Tucson if you go to the pros at Dealer Auto Glass of Tucson for your windshield replacement needs.